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Irish Start-Up wants to Digitize the Feed Industry

Contomply is an Irish firm with a new web-based application directly targeting the feed industry.

The company said its technology is designed to eliminate existing paper based systems, save time and increase business efficiency in the haulage, storage and milling sectors of the livestock feed sector.

The application is aimed at tracking trade assurance scheme requirements with the goal of providing full audit compliance, said Contomply managing director, Thomasina Maguire.

“We started in 2015 but began really ramping up things this year; however we are still at the very early stage of development,” she told us.

Maguire said the two person team behind the young company has “strong domain knowledge,” a competency she reckons makes the difference in terms of developing technology tailored to feed operations.

She has a background in management and start-ups, while the other shareholder, Colm Shearman, is a feed consultant with over 30 years of experience in the sector.

Read the full article here

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