Products & Services

Contomply - Animal feed Logistics Solution:

  • Contomply brings visibility to the supply chain with no additional hardware required for vehicles.​


  • We provide full traceability as we track the trailer not the lorry which gives accurate last 3 load history

        even for external lorries.


  • We monitor the cleaning and sanitation of vehicles for every load completed; for complete TASCC assurance scheme compliance and increased feed security for the industry as a whole.

Haulage Operators


Our Haulage application is an intuitive user friendly iPhone/android app & web dashboard that digitises daily work processes and field paperwork in real time.


Features include:

  • ​Digitised Trailer Load Sheets eliminates paper

  • Real time clock in/out for drivers

  • Daily RSA walk-around checklist

  • TASCC cleaning and sanitation records

  • Pain free TASCC audits

  • Change trailer/lorry for full traceability

  • Captures fuel purchases

  • Job notifications for drivers

  • Click to call for site access

  • Owner/Manager dispatch feature

  • Photo/scan of weighbridge tickets/signatures

  • Geo pins for ease of locating delivery points

  • ETA for driver time of arrival





Feed Mills & Stores

Our latest release is a Mill portal and web dashboard for production mills and stores to seamlessly dispatch jobs to their own lorries and/or subcontracted hauliers:

Features Include:

  • Efficient job dispatch via web dashboard with driver proof of delivery captured in real time

  • Eliminates phone calls/text/emails with drivers

  • Job status alerts: accepted, en-route, ETA & job completed notifications

  • Geo pins/coordinates available for hauliers

  • API integrations (with sales & production software - available on request)

  • Increased visibility/security of supply chain​​

In Development

  • GPS mapping of external contractors (with no additional hardware required)

  • Driver/Lorry - Check In feature